OnePlus vs. The Future of Apple

OnePlus 6T vs Apple iPhone XS Max

OnePlus and the Future of Apple

As most people don’t know, OnePlus is arguably the most exciting smartphone brand becoming more global each year.

With Apple short of forming lines for its new phones, OnePlus is the only company with a community that waits in line for their next phone. When OnePlus launched 6T this November, the lines in Times Square were quite notable. Hundreds of people lined up in the cold weather in Times Square, NY, to get their hands on 6T as the phone was launching through T-Mobile for the first time.

So, what makes OnePlus different? And why it can go to the top?
Incredible Specs
Impressive Design
Unique Features
Price Point
Global branding and community
Super reviews from top influencers

OnePlus 6T vs iPhone XS Max




Half the price with questionably better specs

Display ratio
No headphone jack
Back of the phone

Unique Features
Dash charging. All OnePlus phones come with dash charging starting from OnePlus 3 for free, which is super fast charging, 0 to 60% in only 35mins and also, rather than the phone heating up, the adaptor itself absorb the heat, which results with no lessening of the battery life of the phone.
I have a OnePlus 6T and I literally forget when I last charge it. Also, the battery is 20% larger than an iPhone and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset helps significantly to increase the duration
OnePlus 6T is the first phone in the U.S. with in-screen fingerprint sensor, which saves from the screenspace. It is slower than facial recognition, however, it is still very useful.
Photography. 6T has 20MP back camera and 16MP front camera which speaks for itself, however, they improved the photo processing significantly with this model also.
Night photos with nightscape and portraits work like magic now.

I personally owned OnePlus 2, 5 and now have 6T. Each time, the phone impressed me with its innovation and design. I felt like each phone they took bigger steps to make a great difference.

They basically produce a flagship and compete with other flagships as a relatively startups, which is also inspiring proving that underdogs can become a major marathon runner in one of the most competitive fields.

Considering all these with better specs, half the price and unique features, super reviews one would think OnePlus phones would become the main competitor of iPhone, but smartphone industry seems to have similarities with automotive industry. Even if you are an incredible brand, it may take much longer than 5 years to disrupt the mentality and branding.

However, with each launch, the innovation stride of OnePlus towards that goal is getting bigger.

Seems Apple is aware of their decreasing pace of innovation and increasing pace of innovation of their competitors that they are taking steps towards marketing, but not yet towards increasing disruptive innovation.

We have reason to believe that Apple is seeing OnePlus a brand to worry about.
Apple announced on October 20th that their iPad / Macbook keynote date was to be on October 30th in New York, which coincided with the launch date with the OnePlus 6T launch date in New York. So, basically, Apple coincidentally seemed to steal the attention of the media. Then, OnePlus moved its launch date to October 29th, one day earlier, which caused the company to update all their schedule along with the schedule of the media. Pete Lau, CEO, also mentioned the difficulty this caused them in his launch speech.
On November 1st, Apple announced that it will not report the sales numbers of iPhone
Recently Apple announced that they will have a wide range of products on Amazon
The above and more reasons show that Apple is running out of disruptive innovation and it is looking for new ways for marketing.

Most would agree that Apple is only making incremental innovation since Steve Jobs is gone. Maybe an inspiring innovative company such as OnePlus with an increasingly growing community can recreate the disruptive instinct of Apple.

Topic: OnePlus: The smartphone company that builds only flagship killers becoming global

Co-founded by Pete Lau and Carl Pei in December 2013, OnePlus always have the global company vision starting from its name, OnePlus.

OnePlus 1, released in April 2014, was a true success, with a price tag of only $249 and almost top-notch specs, but they didn’t stop there.

Every phone they made was much better than the other. As a young small company with all the Chinese manufacturing force behind, their pace of innovation and how they built the global community of fans they have today is impressive to say the least.

Every model they release becomes a press showdown. All tech bloggers, newspapers, vloggers review them and they always perform to impress.

OnePlus 6T, their latest model, comes with amazing speed of 8GB Ram, up to 256 GB memory, snapdragon.., 6.4in screen, 3700 mAh battery and fast dash charging, which is faster than iPhone fast charger.

In just a few years, OnePlus made itself accepted by the American consumers who are supposed to be one of the most sophisticated in the world.

Phones are close to cars with respect to the time it takes for branding. You can’t just become a global brand even if you create the best phones and you can’t normally produce the best phones and sell them affordably because you don’t have economies of scale like the giants, Apple, HTC and many others.

However, OnePlus used the invitation system all over the world including the US and made the almost impossible possible building the community of loyal fans.

OnePlus is the only Android company that people line up and wait all day to get their hands on. This is what happened at the Pop up event of T-Mobile in New York on October 29th. More than a thousand people waited in line for hours in the cold to be the first ones to own one.

So, why did OnePlus work and what is awaiting the company?
They always offer the best value, performance, design and price
Fans don’t see OnePlus as a phone company. To them, OnePlus is being unique, being energetic and creating the best against all the odds. It is almost spiritual
Press and social media are really fond of OnePlus because they create great products for half the price

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