Backpack Styles and Best Bags for 2019

Backpack Styles and Best Bags for 2019

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We take our bags everywhere we go and among bags, backpacks are the most important ones. We travel, carry our books, study, go to work, go to gym, carry our laptops and most important things in our backpacks day and night. Backpacks is like watches and shoes, they give away strong tips about our personality.

Below are the main backpack styles with the best design and versatility options to buy for 2019.


These are mostly for people who use their bags in work environment. Since structured backpacks are firm, they are also visibly seen as an hybrid between a briefcase and backpack. Structured bags are also great if you travel a lot. We all know what traveling can do to our bags. The best part is you can use these bags for years and carry fragile things with you without a second thought.


It is likely that you are into fashion and art looking for uniqueness and beauty. With contrast to its name, retro style bags never gets old and you can use them for years. They are old and worn jeans or aged wine, the years add value to their liveliness and experience.


Naturally, this style of backpack is for people who travel frequently. Traveler’s backpack can serve for many purposes like carrying your clothes, laptop, books, camera and even a tent. You are probably a free spirited adventurer who can act spontaneously.


For bags, leather is elegant and stylish and canvas is casual and comfortable. Depending on the occasion, both can look great. One person may have both depending on the mood of the day, their outfit and occasion.


We all have smartphones and we all need to charge them from time to time. As carrying our backpacks with us all the time is a given, an integrated USB charger can prove to be extremely useful. If you are using this kind of bag, you are most probably an innovative person since very few people have backpacks that can charge their smartphones.

Bags are definitely a way of life. Which is the right backpack for you?


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