Augmented Reality – A Giant to be Awakened, Interview with JidoMaps Founder

Augmented Reality A Giant to be Awakened


If you are a science fiction and action film fan, then, there is a high chance you have seen the film, Minority Report, more than once.

Today, we are going to only talk about this part where Tom Cruise as the Chief of PreCrime, John Anderton, browsing the files rapidly and smoothly using gesture-based user interface, which is also called mixed reality or augmented reality.

The film was made in 2002 and takes place in 2054. We believe we may be much closer to making augmented reality a daily part of lives.

To find the answer for this and gain general understanding for “how it works”, today, we have Mark with us who is the founder (?) of JidoMaps and an expert on augmented reality. (please let me know how you want me to describe you and your title)

By the end of this interview, you will know the exact description of augmented reality, how it can create so much use and fun for our lives, which gadgets and companies lead the way, what goes on inside augmented reality and how you can learn and so much more in just X mins.

Thanks for being with us today Mark.

Q1: How can regular people utilize augmented reality using their phone or devices around them? Do we need additional tools, apps, etc.?


Q2: Which augmented reality apps do you have on your phone?


Q3: As a case study, can you please tell us about your company, what you are working on achieving and the challenges you face?


Q4: There are so many videos and articles about augmented reality, however, the one that strikes me the most is the TED Talk about The Sixth Sense technology made by Pranav Mistry, which was almost a decade ago. He demonstrated incredible real life uses and showed us the extent that it could grow. He also mentioned in this talk that it would be open source for the world to experiment and grow. He was recognized as one of the most impactful speakers at TED and received a standing applause, then, silence. What happened? Why do we still feel like we are running a treadmill?


Q5: Who are the biggest augmented reality players in the world? And to what extent are they successful?


Q6: When do you think we will have Pokemon-like app that can suddenly boost the use of augmented reality in our daily lives?


Q7: How come one with endless ambition become an expert on augmented reality? Would Audacity, Udemy and other sources help?


Q8: Can you please tell us a little about the difference between virtual and augmented reality? Are they similar technologies? Can you please elaborate?


Q9: Currently, both the price of HoloLens and Magic Leap are around $3000. Which do you think is better and why? Both of them are open only for developers only and they are obviously too expensive for the everyday user. When will they be under $1000 or will we just use our phones in the near future for the same purpose?


Q10: When do you think Minority Report will be a reality where we will use everything around as a screen and have frictionless interaction with the environment around us? What is needed?


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